OERF & Co. has the vision to realise successful real estate investments for its clients within the dynamic market of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. The ambition for outstanding investment results over market cycles is our number one priority. We offer competent consultancy and tailor made solutions in the field of finance- and the real estate industry.

We are seeing our role as long term partner for our clients, independent of third party interests, creative and discreet, solely dedicated to the success of our clients.

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We offer our clients, institutional investors as well as private investors, comprehensive and professional support on institutional level throughout the entire real estate investment process. We are focusing in particular on the Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe region as relevant investment markets. The OERF & Co. management has long-since investment and investment management experience, furthermore an outstanding track record in this region.

After mutual definition of the optimal investment strategy taking the investors targets into account, OERF & Co. sources relevant acquisition opportunities. After client’s consent OERF & Co. handles the entire investment process.  Succeeding the acquisition our company takes the investment as asset manager over and ensures that the mutually defined targets are reached.

OERF &Co. is solely obliged to its customers, free of interests of third parties such as financial institutions and brokers.

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Since decades the management of OERF & Co. has been working successfully in the institutional real estate investment management business in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. The knowledge of the local markets and a strong international network throughout this region are some of our core strengths.

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OERF & Co. serves as a consultant and manager specialized in real estate, acquisition of real estate, real estate companies or shares of such, management of real estate over the entire term of a real estate life cycle. The core focus of the activity is in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.


OERF & Co. offers a variety of services as consultants or managers for its clients and real estate investments:


After the set up and mutual acceptance of the investment strategy OERF & Co. identifies the right investment opportunities for the investors. Following the general approval of an investment opportunity by the client, we handle due diligence, contracting etc., until the client is able to acquire. OERF & Co. delivers tailor-made solutions for its investors and accompanies them throughout the whole investment phase, starting with the investment, including but not limited to capitalisation in the investor’s balance sheet, supervision of the further development of the real estate during the timeline of the investment until the proposed exit.


OERF & Co acts as asset manager for its clients and manages partly or wholly their real estate portfolios. Doing so we are able to ensure the initially agreed investment strategy over the entire investment phase, perform professional and value improved management of the portfolio as well as ensure an exit under the best possible conditions at the targeted time.

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